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Life Before Code-A Tribute to My Decade as a Hairstylist

31 Aug 2013

A simple website redesign and rebranding that resulted in a career change. A Tribute to My Decade as a Hairstylist.

Looking back, I had a great run. I was able to try out every aspect of the industry that I wanted. I ended up with some pretty badass skills, an impressive resume, and was able to spend time with some really fabulous people along the way. The thing I miss the most are my regulars. So many of them had been with me for so many years. Although our relationship was professional, we had laughed, loved, lived, and grown together. I had been around for births, deaths, divorces, new relationships, and watching people go from akward teens into wonderful adults. Nothing prepares you for the abrupt ending of relationships and I have many memories that I look upon fondly. They literally supported me through all those years and I can't thank them enough.

Here is my Hairstyling website as it was the last time I was doing business. I will leave it as reminder of my accomplishments in the industry, like a little time capsule for me.

Angeleah.com - A Tribute to My Decade as a Hairstylist
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