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Getting Started With Chef - Terminology Part 1

22 Apr 2013

Chef deals with "recipes" and "cookbooks". Think of this as a refrigerator magnet to help remind you about techniques you're not familiar with.

node - a host where the chef client runs. could be a db server, a web server or background queue worker server.

chef client - the command line program that configures servers

chef server - a database backed web server that stores searchable information about your production servers. REST -based. Hosted be you or by Opscode, the creators of chef.

recipes - contains the ruby code that contains commands to run on a node.

resources - include files, directories, users, and services(Unix processes)

cookbook - a collection of recipes.( a cookbook may include several recipes.

role - reusable configuration for multiple nodes.(different roles may be something like 'web' or 'database'

run list - a list of recipes and roles that define what will be executed on a node. Chef figures out the intersection of these and configures a node accordigly.

attribute - variables that are passed tgrough chef and used in recipes and templates.

template - a file with placeholders for attributes. This will be used to create configuration files.

notification - when a resource is shanged, it can trigger an update in another resource.

That's it for today. This is just a handy little reference of chef terms. :)

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