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If at First You Don't Succeed...

11 Feb 2013

It can often times seem like there is no answer right before you find one.

I have been working on my java server for a while now. Longer than I would prefer. Much longer than I would prefer. Wrapping my head around java itself, streams, readers, writers, and sockets has been a lot. I can certainly say this is the most difficult project I have worked on yet. I have been learning a lot. Progress has been slow. Often times I have been finding myself thinking the class structure of java reminds me much of the section in the bible where the entire lineage is run through to introduce you to a new character.

Often times I find myself thinking that I know how I want to implement something but it will turn out that the types I had planned to use do not play nice together. Poof, my solution is gone. I think that this will be a great exercise in the long run, thinking about how types work together and thinking about how things operate most smoothly together. It surely reminds me that I am a beginner. I am a woman of determination. When a solution has not been working, I will keep trying things. Through this I have seen a pattern - right before I am about to question the whole of what I am trying to do, I think of one more thing and it usually works or at least leads me down a new path of trying.

So if at first you don't succeed, and you may want to throw your computer :) , don't. Keep working because you are probably a lot closer than you think.

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