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Getting Started with the Java Koans

14 Jan 2013

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While embarking on my Java quest, I needed to get set up. I will be using Intellij and jUnit. You can find out how to get set up with jUnit and Intellijhere.

To get up and running with Java, Doug suggested the java koans. Now, anyone who has followed my blog knows that I have not been the hugest fan of koans in the past. In the past I have really hated the feeling of being set up to fail. I find it frustrating and demotivating. I always just wish that there was some little explanatory set up paragraph at the top of each section that told you the basics and then let you work through the examples. I suppose that without it is more like real life project development. This time I decided to look at it differently. Obviously you are going to fail. It is a new language that you are not familiar with. The point is to help you learn (quickly). Remember, failing fast? For that it has been effective.

This clearly ties back into my post from yesterday What Should Come First? The Theory or the Practice and the learning style that I am accustomed to. I did say that I find both learning styles valuable. I must admit, this being the 3rd language that I have done koans in, once I started looking at them differently, dare I say, I'm enjoying myself. I think it is really helping to get me up to speed faster than I would have if I would have just tried to hunt down resources myself. I know because I was doing that on the train ride this morning. I also like that you can see repeating patterns that help you get used to looking at the syntax and declarations. I am also really enjoying intellij so far, although my experience with it is limited to several hours.

So, I hope this post can help you get set up and just maybe also have some fun. ;) Now I've got to get back to the koans!

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