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I Had an Itch So I Decided to Use SCRATCH

25 Nov 2012

Oh, you've got to see this.

I had heard of Scratch a few times and never really checked into it because I thought, "Oh, that is not for real programmers." (nose into the air) You know who it is for? People who really want to have fun! I made my little video with a random sprite from the program, one of the first images I made in Photoshop in like 2003, and free sounds off of the internet. That sounds like some cheap fun to me!

This would be really fun to get kids into programming. Now I know what Francesca Slade was talking about at those CWDevs meetups! I've come around. Nose in the air? More like nose to the grindstone.

Boo-Yah Shazaam.

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