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Testing Clojure Code with Speclj - A First Go

30 Oct 2012

It's easier than you think. :)

Last week, on my road to becoming a polyglot, I was getting started with Clojure. My first contact was with the Clojure Koans. You can read about my experience here.

This week, I am working on some problems from Project Euler. This will be the first Clojure code that I will be creating myself. Doug told me that he would want me to use the SpecljTDD/BDD framework by our very own, Micah Martin. I immediately remembered how challenging it was for me getting started with testing in general and I must admit, I was preemptively apprehensive about the installation and learning curve. Boy, was I wrong!!!!!!!! It feels great to be so wrong. :)

Now, I would go into a walk through or how-to, but at this point, I honestly have nothing to add other than to tell you to try it! The documentation really speaks for itself!

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