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Dear Javascript-It's Time

20 Sep 2012

You, with your wild west style and unfamiliar syntax. Me, with the need to validate forms and enhance user interfaces.

Our relationship started like this... I was at a conference, and it was not about Javascript, but Javascript seemed to steal the show. I could see that it was becoming an unavoidable part of the industry. I never really needed Javascript in what I was working on but I decided to try to fit in in to the learning schedule because I thought I had to. I started to read the good parts. I never finished. I signed up for Codeyear to get weekly javascript lessons delivered right to my inbox. I didn't get past the first few weeks. The motivation was just not there.

This week Doug asked me to work on an online survey. He asked me to add validation to the form using a jquery validation library. I had never done that before, which was a good challenge. As I cobbled together a crude understanding of how the code needed to look, I started to realize what advantage the knowledge of Javascript would be. The push motivation I was imposing on myself without success has turned in to pull motivation as I find myself wanting to know how I could write my own Javascript.

So, although I may not have been that into you at first Javascript, I think it's time we give it another shot.

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