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Making Coffee

14 Sep 2012

It turns out there is a lot more to making coffee than you'd think.

So today Uncle Bob gave another talk at 8th Light University. Although he did talk about architecture using a coffee maker as an example, there were a few things the he said that stuck out in my mind. The first one was this...

1. "The trick or magic of writing software is to separate the things that are essential from the things that are irrelevant." This sounds like good advice.

2."Consider the users."

3.Use the "yo-yo". "Ask questions at a high level, throw the yo-yo down, then answer the questions at the low level. Then come back to the high level and figure out how to solve this without using low-level language."

4."You can ask yourself, what is the next interesting event." This is essential in test driven development and helps to keep things focused.

5."A good balance is to whiteboard architecture somewhat quickly and then write code. Then change it if you need to. Sometimes a mistake in agile is that people skip the architecture step."

I hope you enjoy these pearls of wisdom as much as I do!

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