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The Woes of Github Being Down

10 Sep 2012

Push without pull can leave you pulling your hair out.

Yesterday I did something I do often, pull from github onto my desktop computer. I programmed late into the night, committing and pushing along the way.

Whenever developing at home on my desktop, I like to make sure that I pull my code onto my laptop before I quit for the night. Last night, I was really tired and said "It's on github. I can pull it down tomorrow." I shut down my computer and went to bed.

This morning I got to work eager to start on my project, I went to pull and I had a remote hang up. I went to the website only to find an angry, rainbow haired, pink bodied unicorn photo telling me I could not get to my page.

Pushing from one device last night without pulling from another left me pulling my hair out this morning. Lesson learned.

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