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Picking Up Steam

31 Jul 2012

picking up steam

When I was little and learning to ride a bike, my friend and I made a theme song for ourselves. It went like this...

"We're the coooooool coooooooool riders." That was it. Over and over again. We thought we were totally awesome. Well, while singing my theme song and obviously being super awesome I was riding shakily down my driveway.(still feeling totally awesome. I can not stress the feeling of awesomeness enough.) Well, right in the moment of prime awesomeness I totally just crashed into my neighbor's fence. My Dad got the whole thing on video. To me, that is priceless. It didn't stop me though. I got back up, started to sing my theme song about being awesome,(yes,I did declare my awesomeness directly after crashing into a fence), and started to ride again.

As I learn more about programming, I feel like it is a lot like learning to ride a bike. If I do not feel super confident at first in what I am doing or how things are going to tie together exactly, I've got to make up a theme song, get on that bike, and crash into a fence.

I have been doing this with Mocks and Stubs this week. I started off really overwhelmed by them. Now I will be writing a test and think "Oh, I just need a stub in here." or "Oh, I just need to mock this out." *just?* This from the person who was totally freaked out a few days ago!

The faster I can "crash" like this, the sooner I can get up, have them less frequently, with less pain, and hopefully with less chance of being for the same reason. I suppose this ties back into "Failing Fast" but also reminds me to keep a good attitude and have a sense of humor about things. After all, I am a "cool cool rider". :)

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