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Failing Fast

24 Jul 2012

failing fast

I've heard one of the best ways to get good is to fail fast. I was feeling like I was failing so that counts, right? Most of the time, I would try to wrap my head around how to do something and also then try to foresee all the ways to avoid anything going wrong. I would do this without writing one line of code. I was using BDUF (big design up front) for every piece of code I would try to write. What!? Yeah, clearly ridiculous.

Many times I would sit and stew in silence, thinking it would be embarrassing or a failure to ask for help. That is counter productive! I want to become great and I am surrounded by great people. It is foolish not to use the amazing resources around me. Many times when I did ask for help, it would be on theory of what I wanted to do. How can I truly wrap my head around code that does not exist? Today, I decided to change my ways. After dealing with an error and hitting a wall with trying different things and not having any luck with google,(and I am a pretty good googler) I asked for help. It took about 1 minute for the person helping me to figure out what was wrong. As soon as they explained it, it made perfect sense. It just wasn't something that I knew. Now I do. My new favorite programming activity is failing fast.

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