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Exposing and Confronting My Ignorance

23 Jul 2012

I have been reading Apprenticeship Patterns and I have been making many realizations. The first thing that hit me was that I was holding myself to a level of unrealistic expectations. In my current, non programming profession, I am the equivalent of a software craftsman. In some areas, even a master craftsman. In that area, I am used to being able to consume, digest, and assimilate new knowledge with minor struggle. I know a lot.

I realized I thought I should be able to learn at the same rate in programming. I thought I was supposed to be able to be at a skill level that I was not just by reading about it or hearing someone talk about it like I could in my current profession. This made me feel like I was doing horribly when I didn't get things instantly and I was afraid of Exposing My Ignorance. When I read about Exposing My Ignorance in Apprenticeship patterns, the idea was clear. Confronting and Exposing my ignorance will only help me get better. I thought about me 10 years ago as a student of my non-programming profession. It made me realize how far I have come and I thought of student me constantly asking why and feeling perfectly comfortable being a student. I want to apply this now, at 8th light. I need a good dose of Exposing My Ignorance, asking questions and feeling okay with being a n00b.

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