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Where do I begin?

01 Jul 2012

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao-tzu

noob shoes

When I started at 8th Light in April, I was reading through several of the apprentice blogs. I found myself thinking two things. One: The apprentices at 8th Light are smart. Two: As one of the newest novice apprentices, what could I contribute through my blog? Not sure of this, my solution at the time was that I wouldn't. I felt self conscious because things that seem exciting and new to me at a novice level are most likely already known to residents and craftsmen.

Recently, while working on the bowling game kata(post to follow), Micah asked me a question that really got me thinking. "In one phrase, what is the goal of your kata performance?". I honestly had not thought about that. I didn't realize I should have a goal for a kata performance. I was simply trying fit in as much as I could in 10 minutes. I sounded like the spokesman for Micro Machines. When I actually considered the question, what I wanted to do became clear. I was able to complete a new performance version of the kata that was to the point. I wanted to share this experience with others and this got me thinking about my blog again.

So what is the goal of this blog? Who is this blog for? As it is unlikely that I am going to blow a resident's or Craftsman's mind at my skill level :), I am going to use this blog for two things. One: To remind myself of my experiences and where I've been. It will keep track of things I've learned for reference. Two: for n00bs. I have heard from many experienced programmers that once they are no longer n00bs, it is hard to put themselves in a beginner's shoes when trying to help. This blog will be a closet for my n00b shoes so that I can always slip them on if I forget what it was like being a novice. Hopefully, other n00bs will try these shoes on for walking until they grow out of them. I hope that my posts help other beginners advance to the next level.

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