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Javascript Woes - Mind the console16 May 2013

The other day I was working on some javascript...

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Getting Started With Chef - Terminology Part 122 Apr 2013

Chef deals with "recipes" and "cookbooks". Think of this as a refrigerator magnet to help remind you about techniques you're not familiar with.

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Active Record Migrations Models and Associations11 Apr 2013

As I am circling back to basics, I am finding that this second pass has already been greatly rewarding. As a beginner, when everything is new, there is only so much material one can absorb and in that newness, it can be difficult to know what parts to keep and what parts to put aside until you need them. It has also happened for me that would be able to pick up on patterns enough to cobble something together without knowing what is really going on underneath. Here are some of the a -ha moments I had on my second pass and some other interesting tidbits I found along the way.

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